• June 2, 2022

Sunscreen- Is it benefitting your skin or degrading it?

We all go out in the scorching sun for our day-to-day work. Unfortunately, the heat coming from the sun makes us tired and harms our skin. To prevent this harm, “sunscreen” is being used by several people. Sunscreen is supposed to act as a shield between the sun and our skin. But how do you know that it’s benefitting your skin or degrading it? Let’s find out together.

Amazing benefits of sunscreen

Your skin is your biggest organ and has important functions like protecting your body against dirt and germs. Yes, your skin protects your body from the sun, but it also needs protection. That’s why sunscreen was invented. You can also consult with a skin specialist in Ghaziabad to know if needed.

1. Limit sunspots appearance

The harmful UV rays of the sun can cause sunspots on your skin. They are also known as liver spots or age spots. These sunspots can make you look older than your actual age, even if you’re young. This is because when hyperpigmentation of skin happens, sunspots are formed.

Sunspots are basically flat spots of discolored skin that can be seen in various shades of brown. You can notice sunspots in the following parts of your body:

1. Back

2. Face

3. Back of the hands

4. Arms

5. Shoulders

2. Reduce aging signs

You can’t the aging process, but you can stop its signs that indicate aging, like wrinkles or loose skin. Sunscreen can be your best buddy in reducing these signs. However, when you go out in the skin without protecting your skin, the skin collagen can be damaged, which means you’ll have wrinkles and loose skin.

3. Reduce the chances of skin cancer

Nobody wants any type of cancer, including skin cancer, so sunscreen can help you reduce the chances of that. As the best dermatologist in Ghaziabad, she recommend to use sunscreen with an Spf of at least 15. However, the higher the number is, the better it will protect your skin.

If you’re out in the sun for most of the day, you’ll need all-day protection, so you’ll have to reapply the sunscreen. Here are other reasons why you should apply sunscreen again during the day:

1. After sweating or swimming

2. When you’ve been in the sun for more than 2 hours

3. After patting your skin with a towel

4. Prevent damaged blood vessels

Broken blood vessels are also called telangiectasias; UV rays are extremely harmful and can damage the walls of your skin’s blood vessels. This leads to thinning of them. Thinning blood vessels can look for bleeding or bruising on your skin.

5. Helps in protecting skin from sunburn

When you’re exposed to the sun or UV rays for too much time without any protection for your skin, you can get a painful burn. Also, when your skin is repeatedly exposed to the sun without any protection, you’ll notice increased skin damage and sunspots.

Sunburn also increases the chances of having skin cancer. Sunburn can take a few days to heal, so completely, it’s better you use sunscreen at first. Even if the days are cloudy or cool, you should apply sunscreen on these days too.

Risks associated with the use of sunscreen

There has been no particular study that confirms the risks associated with the daily use of sunscreen. Some studies stated that when you regularly apply sunscreen, your skin absorbs chemicals like oxybenzone. However, it’s still unclear whether there is any health risk associated with the absorption of these chemicals.

The risks with sunscreen are unclear, but exposure to the sun is very clear. Your skin needs UV protection, and sunscreen can provide that.


As a dermatologist with more than 20 years of experience, Ritu Gupta recommends you use sunscreen to protect your skin whenever you go out in the sun. Buy a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more to give your skin the proper protection. She uses it, and you should use it too.

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