Tatto Removal Treatment

The tattoo has become a fashion statement for young people in India. People are keen to sport their creativity and freedom of expression through tattoos. Sometimes, you would want to remove the tattoo as you grow older and mature. Another reason could be that the tattoo is poorly placed or the site may have been infected. Since tattoos are deeply etched into the dermis of the skin, removing that requires a laser procedure. The traditional methods such as the use of chemicals and Dermabrasion are painful and cause immense scarring.

At Dr. Ritu’s skin'n' Laser clinic we use the latest and the best laser technologies available in the industry. This helps in the effective removal of the tattoo with the least scarring. We have a set of lasers with different pulse durations and wavelengths that help in removing different colors. Our premium technology targets the tattoo surface and not the surrounding skin. The end result is that the skin looks natural and uniform after the treatment.

You can clearly see the results within 6-8 weeks of the treatment. The sessions are repeated with a gap of 4 weeks of the healing process. This procedure can also be used for lightening the dark lips.

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