Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair Removal Treatment

Unnecessary hair growth can happen due to hereditary genes, overproduction of male hormones, or as a side effect of drugs. No matter the reason, hair growth in places such as lips tarnish the beauty of a woman. It is necessary to have clean, hairless skin to showcase your beauty. Most women try skin creams, waxing or threading without knowing the adverse effects they can cause to the skin. They give many side effects such as ugly patches on the skin. The better alternative to this is laser hair removal treatment. This treatment gives permanent results and is easy and safe compared to other treatments. This is not just for women; men can also benefit from this treatment for removing unwanted ear and chest hair.

Laser hair removal is the ideal treatment for lighter-skinned, darker-haired patients. The treatment targets melanin, a chromophore in hair follicles. The laser pulses heat the hair follicles and impair its ability to re-grow. The treatment will be repeated for 4-6 sessions. With each session, hair growth is progressively reduced until you are left with the soft, hairless skin. We also advise our patients on their hormonal profile and provide appropriate treatments.

Our laser hair removal therapy is approved by the US FDA. It is an advanced technology treatment that gives you desired results with minimal effort and pain. As hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments are required for optimum results depending upon your skin, hair color and coarseness of the hair. After the session of hair reduction, a person can return to regular activities immediately.

• Up to eighty to ninety percent reduction in hairs can be achieved.

• Time taken: Depends on the body part. Face takes 20 mins.

• Recommended for: Permanent removal of unwanted hair from the entire body.

• Visible Results: 6-10 Sessions are recommended for the best results.

Frequency: A 4-8 week gap is required between each session to target hair in the growing stage. We recommended one session in the year to maintain results achieved.

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