Hair Micro Pigmentation

Hair Micro Pigmentation Treatment

Hair micro pigmentation is a method in which pigments are added on the hair follicles on the head, giving it a fuller appearance. Micro-pigmentation is done using an electric tattoo machine that injects the pigment into the skin. If you do not want to go for a costly and time-consuming process of hair transplantation, you can do hair micro-pigmentation. It is relatively easy and gives a natural-looking depth and definition. Tiny layered dots are placed on the skin to replicate the look of the shadow of your scalp.

This method is especially useful for people with hair loss such as cancer patients, older people, people with baldness or thinning hair. This is a relatively painless process and gives you the look of fuller hair for a long period. After the treatment, it is essential to avoid exposure to the sun for some time.

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