Earlobe treatment

Earlobes are appendages of the ear. It is made up of fatty tissue and has soft outer skin. Earlobes come in various shapes and sizes. Jewelry on earlobes is a popular trend among both men and women. Ornaments ranging from small studs to heavier jewelry are pierced through the earlobes. Some people may face issues such as torn or split earlobes that looks bad.

How torn or split earlobes occur?

Mostly earlobe tear occurs due to excessive weight of the jewelry or a traumatic accident. Split or torn earlobes generally look unattractive. In some cases, jewelry cannot be worn. These issues can be corrected with the help of microsurgery.

Treatment for correcting split or torn earlobes

In desperation, some people use tapes or clip-on earrings to hide the torn earlobes. This may result in complications in the future. We at Dr. Ritu's skin'n' laser clinic have a simple surgical method that can repair the delicate earlobes. This microsurgery lasts less than three hours with zero discomforts. We remove the scarred tissues from the earlobes and clean the area thoroughly. We then repair the area with the help of fine suture threads. This procedure has minimal scarring and supports the repair process. Once the skin is healed, there will not be even a trace of scare line in the earlobe.

The great advantage of this procedure is that you can do piercing with your favorite jewelry. However, the patient needs to wait for 8 weeks before placing a stud. You need to be careful in using large ear jewelry around children.

Treatment of earlobe slit

Earlobe slit is an enlarged piercing hole that continues downward. This results in an earlobe that is too large to hold ear studs. We perform skin procedures to close the hole. The healing of the skin takes place within 8-12 weeks.

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